The Rainbow Hat

So often we get caught up in worrying about our appearance.   I often wonder if I dress professional enough for my job.  When going out with friends and family I wonder if I am dressed age appropriately or too nerdy (another Wonder Woman shirt, really?)  I recently had my hair cut in a dramatically different style and many have people have commented on it; I’ve been curious if they are commenting because it is new and they are trying to be nice, or because they really do like it.  I feel critical of my weight because of the pressure our society puts on new moms these days to lose baby weight and get in shape quickly. 
Today at work I was taking the lobby stairs (gotta lose that baby weight) and happened to look over the side down at the waiting area.  Sitting below was an old lady wearing a very bright rainbow colored fedora.  My first thought was, “Wow, look at that hat.  Who would wear something like that?”  Then I wondered why I was being so judgmental.  I continued to ponder the hat and my reaction to it on the way back to my office.  How much bravery, self-confidence, or disregard for other people’s opinions does it take to walk around like that?  A ton. 
After a while I decided that I want to be the lady in the rainbow hat.


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