WTF: How I Realized I Need to Quit Judging Other Parents

​ We've all done it, whether you will admit it or not.  Sometimes it it is obvious when others are doing it to you, although they may not say anything: you are in Target and have just a few more items on your list to get when your kid decides to throw a huge fit in … Continue reading WTF: How I Realized I Need to Quit Judging Other Parents

Hey Jude

Before I met my husband, almost nine years ago now, I read his MySpace profile.   One of the things that drew me to him (other than his cute picture, of course) was a comment about wanting to find someone to sing harmony with on Hey Jude.  It has been so long ago I don't remember … Continue reading Hey Jude


​ I had to come in to work early today so my morning routine was all out of whack.  But, surprise!  An awesome coworker brought in cupcakes this morning.  Don't the best days start off with surprise cupcakes?   Lemon blueberry zucchini with lemon buttercream.  Nom nom nom, delicious! 

What I Learned by Traveling Abroad

"What you get by reaching your destination isn't nearly as important as what you become by reaching that destination."  - Zig Ziglar I have been to 20 different countries and have made four trips abroad.  Each trip and each country has made an impact on me; each has taught me lessons I won't soon forget.  I … Continue reading What I Learned by Traveling Abroad