Thoughts on Having a Second Child

Recently my husband and I had the talk about if we should start trying to conceive a second child.  People have started to get nosy and ask if we are trying or say comments like, "Abby needs a little brother," or "You should start soon!"  We've waited the obligatory eighteen months that my obstetrician advised … Continue reading Thoughts on Having a Second Child


Teething Fits Suck

Poor Abby has been getting new teeth for the best past couple weeks and I am totally over it.   Last night at supper she was sitting in her highchair, selectively picking through her spaghetti (which was devoured by the fistful the night before) and whining. My husband walked through the dining room saying that … Continue reading Teething Fits Suck

Weighing my Self and Myself

Today is the nine year anniversary of the first date that my husband and I went on.   In the time that we have been together my weight has fluctuated both up and down.  I have weighed fourty pounds more than my current weight at my heaviest during pregnancy and weighed twenty-five pounds less.   … Continue reading Weighing my Self and Myself

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

It is December and there's only a couple weeks left until Christmas.  The unseasonably warm weather we have been enjoying had finally turned cold and the first snow as fallen.   I have decorated the house minimally, compared to normal, mostly because I haven't had the time or energy to do it.  Everyone in our … Continue reading Getting into the Christmas Spirit