My “Fortune” and Evening Plans

Last night we had Chinese food for suller and the following was my fortune:

Treat yourself to a good book for a needed rest and escape.

It sounds like pretty sage advice to me.  

I have had a cold since Sunday.  I’ve been feeling good pretty rough and it has pretty much wiped me out.  I felt bad enough yesterday morning that I went in to the doctor’s office.  Negative for Strep and negative for Influenza. “Probably just the nasty viral stuff that’s going around right now,” said the doctor, “Expect to feel bad for the next week to two weeks.” OMG- another week to two weeks?

I have gone to bed early each night but hardly feel as though I have gotten any rest or time to relax.  Since I have gone to bed early the dishes and laundry are beginning to pile up, as they tend to do. 

  I should work on getting things cleaned up, but I think tonight I will take the advice of my wise cookie and take a little time to read.  Who knows, maybe I will finish that Stephen King book I have been gnawing at for a year (really! It’s so sad how little time I spend reading these days).  


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