Sunday Playdate Recap

This last Sunday was a cold and rainy day. In the afternoon we met up with another mom and three of Abby and Oscar’s previous daycare playmates at McDonald’s.

The kids hadn’t seen each other since we attended a birthday party at their house a little over a month ago. The girls seemed to have a lot of fun together and enjoyed checking out all the new toys at the recently remodeled PlayPlace. We ate French fries and the kids had ice cream cones.

The mom and I sat at a table with our two littlest, who are just a few months apart. I don’t know her very well, but at least we had the kids to talk about and we work for the same business so hopefully I didn’t come off as too awkward. I always feel very awkward in social situations and I feel like I am terrible at making small talk.

After about an hour we went our separate ways. Oscar hadn’t had an afternoon nap and was starting to get a little grumpy. It was adorable seeing the two girls hold hands and hug each other several times before we left. I know Abby misses her friend since they both now go to different preschools and I am happy they had a chance to play.


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