Date Night- Finally!

Several months have passed since my husband and I went out for our last date night. As I was preparing to write this, I had to sit and seriously rack my brain to remember that we had gone to see either the last Avengers movie or a Star Wars movie. It has been so long … Continue reading Date Night- Finally!


Eyes in the Back of my Head

I will preface this story with a comment about lying. I detest lying. I don't like to lie to my kids, but sometimes I do it. Some truths are not appropriate to share at certain ages. It is sometimes easier to gloss over the truth a little or to conjure up a little white lie … Continue reading Eyes in the Back of my Head

My Sweet Pea is Three

Today my coworker Juana asked me if I had discovered yet that raising girls is very different than raising boys. She had previously told me this and I had internally rolled my eyes. Even a few weeks ago I would have thought that was a silly statement. But, she has raised three girls and three … Continue reading My Sweet Pea is Three